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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Today's dollar decline brought to you by the letters "C, A, and D"

If you haven't noticed, the U.S. dollar's steady transformation into confetti is continuing today, especially against the Canadian dollar (CAD is the abbreviation for the "Loonie" currency -- hence, the Sesame Street reference). In fact, Bloomberg now reports that the Canadian dollar is at its highest level against the USD -- roughly $1.08 -- in world history (or at least since Canada started floating its currency in 1950.)

Too bad my grandparents didn't hold on to that cabin on Lake Temagami. I used to love when our family vacationed there as a kid -- the canoeing, the fishing, the trips to the Bear Island trading post. And let's be honest, given the CAD-USD translation effect and the general boom in Canada's economy, I'm sure it'd be worth a pretty penny today!

But seriously, at some point even Helicopter Ben has to sit up and take notice of this dollar decline, doesn't he? It's the clear, #1 force (in my book) behind $97 oil and the surge in other dollar-denominated commodities. And it's going to fuel inflationary pressures, no matter what claptrap you may hear out of Washington about how inflation is "contained." We may finally get "official" confirmation of that fact on Friday, when October import price data is released.


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