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Friday, November 21, 2008

News report: Tim Geithner for Obama's Treasury Secretary

NBC News is reporting that President-Elect Obama will nominate New York Fed President Tim Geithner as the next Treasury Secretary. Regarding the rest of Obama's economic team, NBC News reports:

"Former Treasury Secretary Summers -- also considered for the post -- might still play a major future role in the Obama administration, according to sources. Summers came under fire from women's groups because of controversial comments he made about gender issues while President of Harvard, but sources say the decision to choose Geithner had more to do with Obama's interest in "change" and getting someone new on the team.

"Also expected Monday -- an announcement that former U.N. Ambassador and Energy Secretary in the Clinton administration, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, will be Commerce Secretary.

"Paul Volcker is expected to play a continuing advisory role -- not clear if he would have an appointed position.

"Other economic appointments for the White house staff will likely include Dan Tarullo, a top Obama advisor, possibly as head of the National Economic Council.

"Other economic posts -- perhaps at the Council of Economic advisors in the White House -- could be filled by Obama economic advisors Austin Goolsbee and Jason Furman."


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