Interest Rate Roundup

Friday, January 05, 2007

closing bond market action

Just to square the bond market circle, bonds rallied off their lows but still finished down for the day. Ten-year futures were off 6 ticks, while long bonds shed 8. Yield-wise, that's good for a 3 basis point gain in the 10s and a 2 bp gain in the bonds. Not much, but the resistance I highlighted held.

Economic data is fairly light next week -- with nothing major until Friday's retail sales and import/export price reports. So it'll be interesting to see how the bonds trade absent any fundamental catalysts. Do we get follow through selling? Or do buyers end up viewing this labor report as a one-off fluke and jump in?

I should mention that many interest rate-sensitive stocks got whacked pretty hard, including commercial REITs and banks. Anything that pushes out the fabled Fed rate cut (which we keep being told is "right around the corner" ... but which keeps getting pushed out into the indeterminate future!) seems to fluster the financial stock jocks.


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